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    The round barn was purchased by Arthur Woodard Jr. in the 1942. He passed it on to his children and grandchildren. Although the family has tried to maintain the building (using steel bars to keep planks in place, a crane and steel bans to straighten the building when it started to lean) work to the round barn has become very expensive and they can no longer afford its upkeep.
    But two years ago, the family was approached by respresentatives from Conner Prairie in Indianapolis. The museum, realizing the barn's historical value, would like to relocate it to their grounds. Unfortunately, finances of Conner Prarie have prevented that from happening...2007
    Demolished November 2015.
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    -Benton Steele (Father of Indiana's round barns)
    Benton Steele's beginnings
    catalyst for roundpole barn construction
    Benton Steele begins the round barn business
    Through a loose partnership with Emery McNamees, a contractor that built the first true round barn in Indiana and along with the help of a woodworker by the name of Samuel Frank Detraz, Steele would enter Indianapolis business and political circles in 1901. They would convince these circles of elite that a round barn would save labor and cost less to construct. Steele and Detraz's plans would spark interest in two business men, Frank Goodwine, (senator, bank president, and cattle breeder), and Wymond Beckett, (a lawyer, farmer, and a future senator). Goodwine and Beckett would have Steele construct two colossal round barns, (one 80 feet indiameter and one 100 feet in diameter), on their properties. Beckett was so impressed with his barn he would later pen a letter in 1902 to Detraz and Steele.
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    National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form. United States Department of the Interior National Park Service.
    Sloane, Eric. Eric Sloane’s An age of barns. Funk & Wagall: New York. 1967.
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  1. page Amish Acres Round Barn Theater of Northern Indiana edited ... Amish Acres Round Barn Theater of Northern Indiana Home Page, About Page ... includes a r…
    Amish Acres Round Barn Theater of Northern Indiana
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    includes a restaurant,restaurant , gift shops,
    round barn.

    Amish Acres {} is a resort that takes the visitor on a journey through
    the past. Based on the Amish culture, Amish Acres
    {} The Agriculture departments of the University of Illinois and Purdue University were strong promoters of the round barn and its efficiencies during the turn of the century. So the round barn built in 1910 by Fred Aker on his farm was more than a novelty to his neighbors. Round barns raised from delicate square edged stock greatly contrasted with the heavy hand hewed timber barns of their neighbors and soon became more than efficient. Their gracefulness and self-supporting domed roofs which often rose move than 50' to the usual crowning cupola provided a soaring reminder of the beauty of man's ability to design and build such structures.
    Today the barn no longer houses the herd of milk cows nor the stables of horses or the mow of hay and straw. The silo sits empty and the clay tile milk house addition has been stripped of the cream separator's working parts. As with most barns in Indiana a basketball goal is nailed to the siding ten feet off the ground. Now retired hay forks and double trees are nailed above the door as reminder of the original purpose and status of the barn.
    Foundation of Indiana.Indiana . The Nappanee
    A research trip was made to Stratford, Ontario, to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Architect Holdeman and Pletcher and pc repair
    their wives, Jane and Susie, attended five plays in four days, took a backstage tour of the Festival Theatre and a warehouse tour of the properties and costumes. During this trip, Mike Yoder and his crew from Amish Acres were carefully measuring and diagramming the existing structure so that the architecture and engineering work could proceed without delay.
    Fulton County Museum.Museum .
    Dismantling began in September, punctuated with the removable of the cupola by crane four weeks later. Siding, rafters, wall studs, and roof sheeting were all cleaned of nails on the site then banded together to be moved by truck to the new location at Amish Acres. Plans were quickly drawn, corrected and submitted to the State of Indiana for a foundation release so that excavation and foundations could be proceeding at the same time as the barn's removal.
    {} After consideration of several possible uses for the reconstructed building the only valid use was as Amish Acres Theater, where the sixth year production of
    Plain and Fancy would open
    York, Greensboro, Chicago,Chicago , Memphis, North
    Designed to seat 375 persons on two levels and a balcony, the newly reconstructed round barn features a proscenium stage with fly space. Separate theatre lighting and sound consultants were contacted to begin designing systems for the challenging round barn space and the enlarged production of Plain and Fancy. Unique solutions were required to solve the structural and insulation requirements of a new theater while maintaining the historic round barn's character. A novel thirty two ton steel tube framework has been computer designed by the engineers from which the original barn is virtually suspended. New studs and rafters surround the original barn encompassing the steel structure within it. The solution allows the barn to be comfortably temperature controlled.
    timbers" (Amish Acres,Acres , Nov. 1991).
    Present day pictures of Amish Acres
    -Prior to relocation in 1991-
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  2. page Round Barn Renovations edited ... This is a come back more in the form of interest. Farmers are becoming more and more aware of …
    This is a come back more in the form of interest. Farmers are becoming more and more aware of how rare their barns are, and are once again starting to take care of them or even remodeling them. Look at the pictures of the barn on this page and you can see all the time, effort and money that is being put into these old barns. This barn has a new cedar shake roof and windows. These not only add to the visual appeal of this barn, but also its value. Look carefully at the photos of the interior wood and you can see that these timbers are being made to look new again. {Barn26.JPG}
    Everything about the barn in these pictures says, “Look at me.” This barn is obviously being lovingly cleaned up and restored. This will hopefully keep this barn going so that it can live for at least another hundred years.
    log home maintenance Roanoke
    Round barns are so unique that they are starting to be used as shops or other businesses. For example, in Northern Indiana, a round barn once owned privately by a farming family, was graciously given to a historical resort called, Amish Acres. Amish Acres would use this round barn to create a popular theater where plays are performed. Visitors from all over the counrtry visit Amish Acres and the Round Barn Theater each year. Notice the Amish Acres Round Barn Theater picture below. {}
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