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Typical Barns of West Central Indiana - Vigo County

There are only two round barns located in Vigo County near the Indiana - Illinois border. These truly circular structures are constructed with an east-west driveway which allows farm wagons to pull on through the barn without having to back up. Built approximately around 1905, the original builders are unknown.

The Barn near Riley

Condition: Good
This barn still functions for a large farm.

Notice the "Round Barn" bird feeder.

It was difficult to get a clear photograph of the entire structure
as the corn was not yet harvested and the grounds were
still water logged from recent heavy rains.

Barn north of Farmersburg

Condition: Poor
Notice the basketball goal mounted on the outer wall.

This photograph is taken from Dale Travis's website.
He notes that the location of the barn was verified in April
of 2002 however I am unsure if that is also the date of the
above photograph. It is possible because the trees appear
to be from the spring time but it is hard to fathom the deterioration
of the barn in the below photograph which is taken barely
four years later.
This photograph was taken on October 28, 2006.
Significant damage is apparent in the roof area.

It is not an optical illusion. The barn is visably leaning to the north.

A closer view provides even further evidence of the decaying boards.


With the crops harvested, the view from a busy county road is heightened by this unusual barn.

Photograph credits: All photographs were taken by either myself or my husband on October 28, 2006 with the exception
of the first photograph of the barn near Farmersburg, Indiana.
**Dale Travis** reserves all rights to their use for purposes of sale, publication, commercial gain, or promotion. Permission is granted to all to download, reproduce, copy, print, or otherwise transform these documents and images for personal use only.