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Created by Vivian Lawhead

When I began researching round barns of Indiana, I had absolutely no idea what I'd find. A native Hoosier, I knew there were historical studies on barns, but I"m a "city girl" and had never pursued the issue. Lo and behold, there are hundreds of resources available on the history of barns, and now I'm ordering some photos to hang in my library. Some are absolutely beautiful photographs.
Listed below are a smattering of interesting resources you might want to explore!

barn_advertisement.jpg Advertisement from Sears and Roebuck 1917 catalog: Round
Barn ( Octagonal) Kit for $756 from Barns of the Midwest

Books to Explore

Boulang, Heber. Barns Across America. American Society of Agriculture, 1998.

Endersley, Elric. BARN Preservation & Adaptation. Universe Publishing, 2003.barns.jpg

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Sloane, Eric. Erick Sloane's An Age of Barns: An Illustrated Review of Classic Barn Styles and
Construction. Voyageurs Press, September, 1991.

Soike, Lowell. Without Right Angles: The Round Barns of Iowa. Penfield Press, 1991.

On the Web

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