The Woodard family's round barn in Lapel, Indiana

Time has not been kind to this round barn, located just off US 238 in Lapel. It shows damage caused by tornadoes, snow blizzards and cupola.jpgscorching summers. But despite the missing shingles and planks, the105-year -old barn is still standing. The barn was begun in 1902 with the erection of a 16ft. silo as the center, and finished in 1903. It was built by the farm owner, James Sears, who hired two local carpenters, Allen Harris and a Mr. Wiseman, to put it up. It was so well constructed that no center braces were needed to keep the roof from sagging.
While cattle graced on silo feed in their stalls, the outer wall held a variety of family equipment. The large cupola in the ceiling allowed for both light and ventilation The cupola looking_up_silo.jpginside_1.jpglog_cabin.jpg

Looking up at the indoor silo and at the farm equipment inside the round barn.
The log cabin was attached to the barn years later.

The round barn was purchased by Arthur Woodard Jr. in the 1942. He passed it on to his children and grandchildren. Although the family has tried to maintain the building (using steel bars to keep planks in place, a crane and steel bans to straighten the building when it started to lean) work to the round barn has become very expensive and they can no longer afford its upkeep.
But two years ago, the family was approached by respresentatives from Conner Prairie in Indianapolis. The museum, realizing the barn's historical value, would like to relocate it to their grounds. Unfortunately, finances of Conner Prarie have prevented that from happening...2007

Demolished November 2015.

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