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Advertising Round Barns: A Vanishing Landscape

-Also round barns used as businesses-

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Barns across America are often embellished with advertising of some sort. These barns have been standing for several decades and the advertisemnts are usually old and outdated. Often the companies the advertisements represent, no longer exist. For some reason or another, the advertised slogans remain as a part of the landscape.

The round barns of Indiana can be seen with family names, slogans, or company names painted on them in some type of fashion. As well as the writing on the wall, so to speak, round barns are used as remodeled businesses, museums, and retail establishments. This spin on round barns in Indiana keeps the uniqueness of the round barn thriving in a vanishing landscape.

-View the round barns and their stories below-

This round barn was built by Menno Yoder in 1908,
and advertised nationally in the "Farmer's Guide."
Yoder had hoped to sell the design of this 12-sided
concrete barn to farmers but it was not a sucess and
is the only one of its kind.
bswissbarn.JPGPicture taken by: Michele Linn
Brown Swiss Dairy
(Located in Shipshewana, IN)

external image in01501a.jpgThis a true round barn that is currently
a retail car lot called Lischkge Motors. This barn was built in 1901-02 by Benton Steele. It was built for Congressman Beckett and was the largest in the state at the time.When first built it had a 16ft diameter windmill extending through the roof that was later destroyed by high winds.The domed roof was one of only three built in Indiana.A cupola used to sit on the roof but is no longer there. The barn was remodeled in 1964 and now harbors retail businesses.
(Located in Dillsboro, Clay Township)

This barn was built in 1915. The original owner, Oliver P. Utter, still has his name displayed on the barn. The Hammond Brothers (the construction crew) who built this barn stayed with the Utter's while building this barn. The barn was featured on the cover of Darryl Jone's book, titled, Indiana.
external image in02515.jpg
Pasture Brook Farm, O.P. Utter Estate
(Located in Henry township, Fulton County, IN)

external image in08002c.jpg

Kelley Agricultural History Museum
(Located in Tipton, Prairie Township)

external image in04904.jpg
Used as a Dairy Bar at the Indiana State fair Grounds.
(Located in Indianapolis, Indiana Fair Grounds)

external image in04601a.jpgThe "Door Prairie" round barn.This round barn was built in 1878. In the early days, the original owner displayed on the front outside of the barn, (in large letters), the names of the horse breeds he owned. This was an early form of billboard advertising.

(Located in Pleasant Township)

This round barn was built in 1916, during an era when 226 similar barns were constructed in the state of Indiana. Most of these structures, due to neglect, have been destroyed. This barn is one of 96 still standingand has been converted into a Bed & Breakfast. This barn is located two miles form the famous Kingen-Littleton Barn, Indiana's largest round barn. The Littletown Barn still functions as a farm building, and can be seen from this round barn.

external image pix3.jpg

Round Barn Inn Bed & Breakfast
(Located in McCordsville, IN)

external image in03804.jpg

This round barn was opened to the public in 1891.
It has remained a landmark in the fairgrounds
of Jay County.This barn is used to display
exhibits during the annual county fair.

Floral Hall, 1891
Jay County Fairgrounds
(Located in Portland, IN)

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